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Executive Search & Selection

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The Market overview

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is one of the most exciting developments to hit the recruitment industry in the last 20 years. Many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies have begun to increase their investment in recruitment solutions and now recognise that attracting and retaining top talent is critical to their success, particularly in a highly contested recruitment market.

In the United States, RPO has been a major revelation with many of the world’s biggest companies working with a recruitment partner to maximise their investment, efficiency and results while battling in the war for talent.

Although the bulk of the market is still largely consigned to North America, over recent years Europe has shown an increasing willingness to take trial RPO so that we now have a market worth in excess of £83.4 billion in 2005. By 2009 the market is expected to reach £113.3 billion, amounting to an annual growth rate of 8%.

This significant rise is due in no small part to the fact that a successful RPO programme has the ability to help clients move their processes from pure sourcing and screening through to recruitment, retention and performance management. In fact, covering the whole candidate lifecycle has become the ultimate aim of successful RPO. Even to the extent that outplacement and redeployment are now considered a strong staple for the best providers.

Please contact us to find out how Paradigm Recruitment can help you improve the management of your recruitment processes.a

Strategic Drivers for RPO

Paradigm have provided RPO services since 1995 with companies such as Cascade Communications and Bay Networks. Since then we have established that clients have six key Strategic Drivers for considering an RPO:-
  • Cost reduction.
  • Process improvement.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Moving HR up the value chain.
  • Bringing in outside recruitment expertise by securing the best talent and accessing best of breed practices/resources.
  • Delivering a higher quality recruitment service.

If you feel that one of the six criteria apply to your company then please contact us and we will be more than happy to evaluate if a RPO service is right for your company.

The Business Case

Cost Reduction

In 2005 Towers Perrin commissioned a report. It found that of the companies surveyed 88% felt they had saved money as a result of a RPO service while 92% reported reduced costs over the longer term. These benefits arise across a number of key areas:
  • Removal of inefficient, unnecessary or non-standardised processes.
  • Increased economies of scale.
  • Switching fixed costs to variable costs.
  • Improvement in IT solutions and leveraging common data sources.
  • Removing the reliance on costly resources being used for basic processes.
Although costs are a great initial motivator for companies, over the longer term many recognise that other benefits have a greater impact on their ability to successfully go to market.

Process Improvement

A survey by the Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association (SBPOA), which interviewed over 150 senior HR executives from large global organisations, found that although cost was a contributing factor to their desire to work with a RPO partner, the need to improve quality and make HR a more strategic function were an increasing driver in the decision making process.

Particularly for global firms, RPO is providing unique benefits allowing them to bring regional expertise and variation to the global marketplace

Facilitate Strategic HR

For dynamic organisations there has been a significant change in the perception and profile of HR across businesses. Many standard HR functions being outsourced, in order to maximise time, are more directly suited to driving business needs and optimising efficiency and effectiveness. For some organisations, this change has enabled HR to move into a more strategic role where it operates as a partner to business units and works as an agent of change across the organisation as a whole.

RPO is a key facilitator in this change since it enables HR departments to remove the administration and management associated with recruitment drives and campaigns.

Improve Speed and Efficiency

Working with a partner that understands the recruitment industry extensively, means your company can respond more effectively to changes in your business environment therefore being able to readily anticipate and react to changes in staffing requirements.

A strong RPO provider will also be in constant dialogue with other recruitment professionals and will act as a central point of contact, therefore removing the need for line managers to foster and maintain numerous relationships.

Salary benchmarks and market monitoring also significantly increases application rates and reduces the time to offer.

Working with Specialist Providers

Outsourcing can provide organisations with access to specialist HR knowledge they could not otherwise afford to have in-house. These areas include, but are not limited to, Recruitment Process Auditing, Assessment & Selection and Recruitment Brand Management.

By working with a partner that has proven expertise in your industry and who truly understands your organisation and challenges, you can build strong relationships that add significant long-term value across the whole of your business, and not just when recruiting.

Why Use Paradigm Recruitment?

Paradigm recognises that each organisation has different requirements and is inevitably faced with their own unique challenges. That is why we provide a highly personalised and bespoke approach to RPO to ensure our client’s needs are successfully met. Taking the decision to outsource a recruitment function does not necessarily mean divesting all HR responsibility and Paradigm is ideally placed to offer you RPO services tailored to the needs of your organisation.

The calibre or our team means we are regarded as one of the most effective RPO specialists in the UK covering EMEA & APAC regions. By providing our staff with tailored professional development programs we boast expertise in the following areas:
  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Online recruitment
  • HR consultancy
  • Marketing
Recruitment Strategy and Consultancy

Paradigm have established a proven track record assisting companies in deciding the future direction and vision of HR within their organisation and linking its delivery to business objectives.

By reviewing and analysing your current recruitment processes and benchmarking your existing recruitment and talent management strategies against best practices, we are able to highlight areas for improvement and deliver immediate and effective returns. This process includes:

Recruitment Process Audits

With the ever changing demands on companies and the markets in which they operate, it is crucial to understand which current processes work and which do not in order to identify areas for improvement.

Paradigm Recruitment is ideally placed to offer a thorough recruitment process audit that has been designed and developed using years of expertise and a proven track record of delivering best practice across a range of industries and countries.

Recruitment capability breakdown

Subsequent to the audit being undertaken, our RPO Team can offer a comprehensive review and advisory services to look at ways of increasing efficiency across the whole of your organisation. Our reporting procedures show where weaker parts of the value chain are leading to inefficiencies and highlights areas to improve your effectiveness.

Bespoke Process Design

Taking the results from the audit, Paradigm works with clients to deliver a bespoke recruitment process to enhance the clients current strengths and eradicate any weaker elements of the value chain. This design process results in more efficient and cost effective processes to streamline your recruitment and retention strategies.

Assessment & Selection

Paradigm has developed a comprehensive approach to assessment and selection that maximises value for our clients and provides a range of services, including:-

  • Competency profiling (including technical skills gap analysis).
  • Designing technical specifications and interview strategies.
  • Developing interview training programs.
  • Psychometric assessment (outsourced).
  • Competency-related talent assessment.
  • Enhancing company brands through positive employee experience.

Recruitment process Outsource (RPO) Management

Removing HR transactional activity is typically one of the most responsive areas of improvement for HR. Paradigm offers a range of services for organisations to standardise procedures, streamline day-to-day HR challenges and improve economies of scale. These services include managing:-

The Recruitment Lifecycle

Paradigm's team of specialist RPO consultants have proven expertise in managing every part of the recruitment lifecycle, including:-

  • Online and offline campaign design and management
  • Assessment & selection programs
  • Interviewing 
  • Offer management
  • Onboarding
  • Outplacement
  • Redeployment

Paradigm’s experts manage every aspect of the recruitment process, ensuring that a constant and co-ordinated approach is delivered at all times, thereby reducing cycle times, minimising recruitment costs and increasing the effectiveness of the whole campaign.

Campaign Management

Our on-site team will help design, build and manage a range of services to enable maximum market penetration and brand development for the companies we work on behalf of. These services include:-

  • Designing and implementing targeted recruitment strategies
  • Managing offline recruitment campaigns
  • Developing and managing online recruitment strategies
  • Managing online search and pay-per-click campaign

It is this range of services that makes us highly effective campaign managers and what makes our clients recognise the value we bring to their organisation.

Brand Management

Paradigm work with their clients HR and Marketing teams to enhance the company’s position and perception across the candidate market and increase their opportunities for success.

Positioning yourself as an employer of choice is no easy task. Working with Paradigm will help position your organisation as a place where the most talented choose to work and develop their career. We appreciate that a strong employer brand has the ability to attract and retain the highest quality personnel for your organisation.

If you would like further information, please email or call a member of our team:

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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"Paradigm's association as a preferred recruitment partner for Ciena goes back more than ten years. Their service delivery, attention to detail and presentation of consistently high quality candidates has been the key factor in maintaining a trusted and valued partnership. Paradigm's reputation for success and proven track record in the international telecoms recruitment market makes them our partner of first choice when it comes to recruitment across EMEA."
Dave Burford, Recruitment Manager EMEA, UK & Ireland
"When I joined Network Appliance and learned that we were having difficulty recruiting technical support engineers for our European Support Centre, I immediately thought of contacting Paradigm to have them support our recruiting needs. We started with Paradigm searching for a few positions and the relationship evolved to Paradigm placing a recruiter in our office to develop recruiting processes and to support our hiring plan beyond the European Support Centre. As volumes of recruitment dropped Paradigm continued to help us meet our hiring goals with quality candidates."
Mason Stubblefield, HR Director (US/EMEA), The Rest of the World
"Working with Paradigm over the last 8 years we in Tellabs have benefited from their experienced, professional and focussed approach – as a busy manager they ensure I see the right candidates and with their influence and sound candidate management we have successfully recruited some of our companies’ best performers across EMEA. They are a great recruitment partner. Thanks Paradigm."
Steve Beach, Customer Care Manager - EMEA, UK & Ireland
"With our recruitment needs last year Paradigm gave us high quality candidates allowing us to achieve a better then 1 in 4 take on rate, this says something for Paradigm's work in selecting candidates that want to work with our type of organisation and from our perspective people that fitted our needs not just in one country but at least eight or more. A good organisation to work with from account management also, as a manager recruiting my tasks and time allocation were minimised by their excellent management and co-ordination of candidate interviews."
Graham Taylor Director Technical Support - EMEA UK & Ireland