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Executive Search & Selection

Contract Recruitment

Having a flexible workforce that has the right skills when you need them and can hit the ground running is where contractors really come to the fore. Whether you need them for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a temporary peak in your resourcing requirements, contractors can offer the perfect complement to your permanent workforce.

As a recruitment partner of choice for many of our clients, Paradigm is a trusted advisor and understands the business drivers and motivations for hiring contractors. The nature of this market therefore demands that when the need arises you can rely on Paradigm to deliver time after time.

Benefits of Contract Recruitment


Recruiting contractors offer employers flexibility from the labour market and gives them immediate control of how they manage change and staffing peaks across their business. Recruiting contractors is inevitably driven by pressure, whether it be a pressure on headcount, time, resources or workload, for the majority of employers it is unlikely you will be able to pre-empt these interim requirements. Contractors therefore offer companies the chance to react to changes in their market or at a more personal level, changes in their business, quickly and efficiently and for as long as the need exists.

Access to High-Net worth Professionals

Contractors with a proven track record of success are accustomed to walking in to likeminded organisations and will immediately deliver value. Contractors are all too aware that they are only as good as their last project, so their emphasis to be the best they can is a key driver for their future career.

A good contractor will ensure they are up date with the latest industry thinking, are motivated to ensure they have the latest skills and expertise, and are fully trained to maximise their potential. This can have great benefits for employers who will have access to forward thinking professionals as and when they require them.

Knowledge Transfer

A successful contractor will most likely have broader and enhanced skills and experiences, gained from working within similar or likeminded organisations and will bring these to their new role. They will have the technical skills required to do a job but will be able to draw on proven best practice from previous experiences to add value and understanding to what works and what does not. This will improve their efficiency and effectiveness within the project/assignment.

Cost Efficient

Contractors are typically paid on either a daily or hourly rate, usually paid weekly or monthly, with the employer being liable only for these rates. Paradigm will also ensure that each contractor presented to the client is IR35 compliant. Whether the contractor operates through a limited company or is registered as self employed, they will be required to take care of their own Tax and National Insurance payments. Contractors are not entitled to be paid holiday or sick pay and will have to manage their own pension and healthcare provision. This reduces the Tax burden on employers and provides real value for money and cost savings for short term projects.

Why Use Paradigm Recruitment?

Paradigm employ expert consultants dedicated to managing the full life cycle of contract recruitment projects. Our team of industry sector specialists appreciate not only the challenges associated with hiring contractors but also understand the unique requirements driving employers within particular sectors, industries or regions.

Paradigm ensures each contractor presented to a client has a proven track record of delivering value and meeting project deadlines. Before we agree to represent anyone, we ensure they have the right skills and attitude, can quickly establish credibility and most importantly can deliver results quickly and efficiently to meet specific deadlines.

We pride ourselves on only introducing candidates to companies that meet the unique demands of the job, will fit into the culture of the organisation and are actively interested in the role and would be available if it were offered. That is why each contractor we work with is rigorously vetted to ensure they are of the highest calibre, and their CV is a fair reflection of their achievements.

Contractor Relationship Management

Paradigm has a Contracts management team dedicated to managing all parts of the employer/contractor relationship to ensure you can focus on the key drivers of your business and not get caught up with paperwork. We manage all parts of the administration process required to support contractors so they can spend their time productively while on assignment and the employer can focus on maximising their value throughout the period of their contract.

Paradigm has a commitment to our contractors, if we receive signed time sheets within 3 days from the end of the month, Paradigm will pay the contractors within 5 days. “A happy contractor is a productive contractor”

Our Contracts Management team are dedicated to ensuring our contractors are acclimatised into organisations and support networks in place to ensure they succeed. Our consultants are primed by the Contracts Management team to conduct exit interviews upon completion of the assignment, another way of gaining 1st hand references on the quality of the work completed by a Paradigm contractor.

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Case Studies

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"Paradigm's association as a preferred recruitment partner for Ciena goes back more than ten years. Their service delivery, attention to detail and presentation of consistently high quality candidates has been the key factor in maintaining a trusted and valued partnership. Paradigm's reputation for success and proven track record in the international telecoms recruitment market makes them our partner of first choice when it comes to recruitment across EMEA."
Dave Burford, Recruitment Manager EMEA, UK & Ireland
"We have had a very good experience working with Paradigm. We were impressed by their quick reaction and with their professional assistance. We managed to complete all our vacancies in North Europe in a very short time frame. The initial screening and filtering of appropriate candidates was very helpful in fulfilling this difficult task in a timely manner. I warmly recommend working with Paradigm."
Yoav Gazelle, Vice President EMEA North & MD of ECI NL, Benelux Countries
"ECI Telecom started working with Paradigm nine months ago following a references of a senior executive that had joined ECI and faced our recruitment difficulty in Europe. Within a short time, Paradigm became one of our key service providers, identifying and delivering the most suitable candidates for sales and Technical Support positions in various locations, and reducing significantly our time to hire. Paradigm's team is fully dedicated and enthusiastic, understands the market and its trends, familiar with ECI and brings an added value in managing successfully the relations with the candidates, throughout the negotiation stage ends by signing the contract. We trust Paradigm's professionalism and look forward to a further long & mutual partnership."
Orly Amarilyo HR Director - EMEA Middle East

"ECI started working with Paradigm in 2007 when we where looking for an EMEA partner who could resource for the company across multiple disciplines and territories. I approached Andy Robinson the company MD who I had worked with successfully at several other companies over the years. As one of the key qualifiers we look for in our Service Providers is their ability to understand our company, our culture the industry and our sector. Paradigm clearly meets all of these requirements. Since the beginning of the partnership Paradigm have consistently demonstrated excellent delivery capabilities across all levels of the organisation placing people in Management, Sales and Technical Support positions across the EMEA region. The partnership that has formed between all departments in ECI and Paradigm means they are now our main supplier for the EMEA region. I believe this is due to their teams knowledge of the market, the teams enthusiasm and the closeness of the relationship between the Paradigm consultants and the ECI line managers. I would have no reservations in recommending Paradigm to an organisation looking for a recruitment partner that take's the time to understand your business."
Joop van Aard Pres. & GM - EMEA Benelux Countries

"Paradigm started working with Followap over 12 months ago recruiting across the board for both Contract and Permanent positions. It was therefore a natural progression when Followap were looking to formalise their recruitment processes and procedures that Paradigm were approached to tender for a Fixed Term Managed Service Contract which they were subsequently awarded. Paradigm's Account Manager has integrated well into the organisation acting as an extension of the HR function but winning the respect and buy in from the Senior Management team. Paradigm has succeeded in rationalising the PSL and reducing time to hire as well as facilitating the hire of a number of new employees including an HR Coordinator who will take on the responsibility for recruitment at the end of the contract."
Mark Rowlinson, CFO, UK & Ireland
"Paradigm has always provided a professional service. They have consistently shown an ability to identify relevant, pre screened candidates within very short timescales across the geography. Assisting when and wherever I have needed support in the hiring process. Candidates from Paradigm have consistently become valued employees, Paradigm have removed much of the risk out of the hiring process. I do not hesitate in my recommendation."
Kevin Martin, VP Sales - Worldwide/EMEA, UK & Ireland
"When I joined Network Appliance and learned that we were having difficulty recruiting technical support engineers for our European Support Centre, I immediately thought of contacting Paradigm to have them support our recruiting needs. We started with Paradigm searching for a few positions and the relationship evolved to Paradigm placing a recruiter in our office to develop recruiting processes and to support our hiring plan beyond the European Support Centre. As volumes of recruitment dropped Paradigm continued to help us meet our hiring goals with quality candidates."
Mason Stubblefield, HR Director (US/EMEA), The Rest of the World
"Porthus is a leading provider of OnDemand IT solutions. With Headquarters in Belgium, and offices in the Netherlands and Slovakia, Porthus delivers solutions to customers throughout Europe and the Middle East. We have worked with Paradigm to support both internal and external project activity, and Paradigm have been extremely helpful in providing strong, qualified candidates to fill temporary contract positions that we have not been able to cover directly with our own resources. Often these have been very hard-to-fill positions because of the specific credentials and skills required for the roles. Paradigm are a very pleasant company to work with, and we have developed an excellent working relationship, aided by the fact we have been working with the same account manager for almost 10 years now. Paradigm have therefore been able to develop a good understanding of our business, avoiding the necessity of explaining our activity to new contacts every few months, as is often the case with Paradigm’s competitors. Paradigm are flexible, and are thorough in defining our exact needs, resulting in a remarkably high fit when they propose a candidate. They are also honest: if they cannot find the right candidate they will say so, rather than propose a candidate who is not qualified. They stay in touch but they are not pushy, and do not aggressively market candidates to us that we do not need. They are also able to serve us in the various countries in which we operate, so not only have they provide me with candidates in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, the Middle-East and other countries too."
Arthur Dewaal, Professional Services Director, Benelux Countries
"One of the key challenges in building up a new logo hunting group was to recruit the right people. Paradigm has helped me meet high calibre candidates and hire great people, in a timely and cost effective manner."
Alexander Brand, Head of Direct Touch Europe, Central & Eastern Europe
"Siemens started working with Paradigm three years ago – one of the key qualifiers we look for in our Service Providers is their understanding of our company, the industry and our sector and Paradigm clearly meets all of these requirements. During our association with Paradigm they have consistently shown good delivery capabilities across all levels of the organization placing individuals in Management, Sales, Marketing and Technical Support positions. The relationship has gone from strength to strength and they are now one of a few suppliers on our PSL in the UK. I believe this is due to their team’s enthusiasm, knowledge of their market and also the closeness of relationship between Consultants and Line Managers."
Les Williams - Siemens HR Director UK & Ireland

"Paradigm has always taken the time to fully understand my requirements before supplying excellent candidates with good skills match which is the real challenge in this type of business. I have found their consultants to be very professional, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. As the Regional Sales Director for Southern Europe it is rare to find one organisation that can deliver across multiple disciplines (Sales, Pre Sales & Post Sales Support) and countries time and time again. I definitely recommend them."
David Gontharet, Regional Sales Director, Southern Europe
"Working with Paradigm over the last 8 years we in Tellabs have benefited from their experienced, professional and focussed approach – as a busy manager they ensure I see the right candidates and with their influence and sound candidate management we have successfully recruited some of our companies’ best performers across EMEA. They are a great recruitment partner. Thanks Paradigm."
Steve Beach, Customer Care Manager - EMEA, UK & Ireland
"With our recruitment needs last year Paradigm gave us high quality candidates allowing us to achieve a better then 1 in 4 take on rate, this says something for Paradigm's work in selecting candidates that want to work with our type of organisation and from our perspective people that fitted our needs not just in one country but at least eight or more. A good organisation to work with from account management also, as a manager recruiting my tasks and time allocation were minimised by their excellent management and co-ordination of candidate interviews."
Graham Taylor Director Technical Support - EMEA UK & Ireland

"Andy Robinson, Paradigm’s MD, approached me while I was in the beginning of a new search in Europe. He offered his companies services and promised fast and efficient service with good results. I decided to give Paradigm an opportunity to demonstrate their quality of service. His company's promises became real. I was very impressed and satisfied for their professional method, focus and results. I am glad that I gave Paradigm a chance and I am sure we will work together in the future and build a long terms strategic partnership."
Liat Lazar, Director of Human Resources, Middle East