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NeuStar is a leading provider of essential clearinghouse services to the communications and internet industries. Since 1996, NeuStar has provided the wireline, mobile and internet industry with innovative addressing and service infrastructure solutions that carriers, service providers and enterprises have come to trust and upon which they rely to interoperate seamlessly.

NeuStar helps customers to offer new services, increase revenues, protect and maximize efficiencies within their networks, and ensure that the global communications infrastructure that they comprise continues to thrive as a community of cooperating network operators.

Today, communication has moved beyond basic voice. With the addition of text and picture messaging between peers, and the increasing inclusion of rich media from both traditional and new providers of entertainment and content, the mobile ecosystem in particular has become increasingly complex.

It is filled with opportunity, yet faces unprecedented interoperability challenges. When this ecosystem is augmented with presence – the ability to know if and how members of one’s community can be reached – and the spontaneity of Instant Messaging, there is an even more exciting dimension added to the dynamics of voice, text, and rich media exchange. NeuStar calls this Next Generation Messaging.

NeuStar’s Next Generation Messaging suite consists of three core technologies: Mobile Instant Messaging (IM), Presence and Interconnect. These services are designed to enable service providers to deliver next generation messaging and services to their customers to create highly interactive communities.

Working closely with the world’s leading mobile and fixed-line operators, and handset manufacturers as they define and deploy their core services and product lines, NeuStar has an in-depth appreciation of the needs and requirements of our customers’ subscribers.

As a result, NeuStar provides interoperability services to a rapidly evolving market, interconnecting operator IM networks worldwide for a fast growing customer base of 34 operators whose combined subscriber base is over 350 million.

The close cooperation between NeuStar and leading mobile operators and manufacturers together with NeuStar’s focus on innovation, design and customer needs will facilitate the communications industry’s pursuit of true global interconnected IM communities.

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