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Executive Search & Selection

Metaswitch Networks

Metaswitch Networks is driving the evolution of communications networks and services. From circuit to packet, TDM to IP. From closed to open, rigid to flexible. From plain old telephony to converged multimedia devices, and yet to be dreamed of applications. Through our partnerships with the world's leading carriers and equipment vendors, we are bringing this vision of an evolved network closer to reality every day. At Metaswitch, we take the long-term view. We build strategic, lasting customer relationships, design future-proof product architectures, and believe that a sustainable, successful business is in the best interests of our people and our customers. A combination of employee ownership and backing from tier one investors enables us to stay true to our values and build a stable growing organization, while aggressively pursuing our vision for the future of our company and our industry. http://www.metaswitch.com/

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