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Bytemobile was created to solve a real problem — high-bandwidth data applications on low-bandwidth wireless networks — and to fulfill a real promise: the perpetual value of optimizing the user experience, regardless of network speed or device sophistication. The rest is history.

Founded in 2000. First commercial network deployment in 2001. Deployments in 117 networks since then. Dominant share of mobile data optimization since the market’s inception. Undisputed technology leader. Emerging technology innovator. The industry consensus choice in 58 countries — and counting.

Over the years, our business has expanded beyond network infrastructure software to encompass systems integration, solutions engineering and other turnkey services that deliver and support total system solutions. This has enabled us to deepen our customer commitment by providing a single point of success for Bytemobile deployments.

Bytemobile is a company built to last. Our customers’ solutions benefit from years of best practices in network optimization and service delivery. Today, our value proposition reaches all the way from the data path in the heart of your network to the mobile device in the consumer’s hand. And today, we have access to over a billion subscribers worldwide — and counting.

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