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Executive Search & Selection


"The service provided by Paradigm was very professional both in terms of quality & speed of responses. They also took the time to understand my personal circumstances & desires before launching headlong into vacancy searching."
Alcatel, Customer Support Director, UK & Ireland

"I am very content with the services that Paradigm offered. Whatever they did was done in a professional but also very personal manner. Their response times were fantastic and whatever information I requested they always delivered it quickly and in very high quality. I greatly appreciated the work they did and I would recommend them anytime and I have done so already."
Marconi BBRS, Account Manager – Telco, Central & Eastern Europe

"In one's job search, we rely on recruitment companies creating the right first impression with their clients. They are the initial gateway to this land of opportunity. Whilst I'm confident in my career and CV, I need an agent to understand my CV's relevance to their client and promote me professionally, in confidence, understanding my desires and aspirations and matching my abilities to their clients needs. They need to guide me through the interview process, setting expectations, keeping me informed and offering candid feedback. In Paradigm I found this and that is why I have used them for so many years and have no hesitation in recommending Paradigm to others.

If you're looking for a CV replication machine using mass mailing as a pseudo-selection process, you're talking to the wrong company.

I am pleased to say that in January 2005, Paradigm placed me in a senior management position within a thriving British company."

Marconi BBRS, Director of Sales Engineering, UK & Ireland

"My experience with Paradigm has been entirely positive. As a candidate I found their refusal to shoe-horn candidates into jobs that don’t fit refreshing; in my case they took my experience, skill set and future ambitions and matched them accordingly. As an employer I’ve subsequently recruited candidates through them and each of them has surpassed expectations. I can unreservedly recommend their services."
Party Gaming, Head of Marketing Communications, Southern Europe

"Through a long - and sometimes difficult - recruitment process Paradigm helped me achieve a long standing goal: namely joining a company I have admired for a number of years. In their Consultant, I had a contact that I felt sure that would deliver the best result. In the end I knew that getting the job I wanted was down to me and me alone - I had no concerns that Paradigm would let me down and they never did. If I ever find myself seeking new employment I will definitely get in contact with Paradigm again."
Juniper Networks, Resident Engineer, UK & Ireland

"I don’t think I’ve ever come across an agency like Paradigm, excellent professionalism with one 2 one personal attention to detail unlike the repertoire of other ‘caricature’ known recruiters, they work to suit your needs."
Followap Technologies, HR Coordinator, UK & Ireland

"I can attest the quality of the work Paradigm has made assisting me in my position change. I only received qualified and high value propositions and their consultant ensured that I was fully briefed on both the position and the company. I appreciated the daily follow up during the recruitment phase and help to speed up the process. Paradigm also continued conversations with me after my first days and weeks at TippingPoint to make sure everything was doing fine. In summary, Paradigm gave me the best assistance among all other search companies I was in contact with."
TippingPoint Technologies, Sales Manager, Southern Europe

"The team at Paradigm worked hard to convince me of this role as being suitable, and then worked through the challenges of securing the position and T's and C's to my satisfaction. Their assessment of my fit for this appointment was spot on, and I am very pleased with the role and career path that Paradigm have now secured for me."
Alcatel, General Manager, UK & Ireland

"Paradigm provided me with a range of relevant opportunities in my field and treated my placement with dedication and confidentiality. They were thorough and efficient, the best experience I have had from any such agency. After placing me in the position I have continued to receive follow up calls to ensure everything is as I expected."
Followap Technologies, Commercial Manager, UK & Ireland

"I would like to take the time out of my busy schedule to thank Paradigm, who were very professional with helping me in finding my dream job! I got constant updates, always quickly interacting with my new employer if I had any issues."
Nortel, Enterprise Technical Support Engineer, UK & Ireland