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Executive Search & Selection

Where do Paradigm Excel?

Paradigm recruitment process is recognised for its quality of service, specialist skills and our well-established ability to seek and attract the best possible candidates of the highest calibre. We offer our clients not only the right mix of skills, experience, ability, knowledge and understanding but also the behavioural and cultural attributes to fit into their organisations. This is how we are able to do this:


We listen carefully to what our customers are looking for and, with our unique ability to comprehensively research new markets and sectors without previous experience, are then able to find highly qualified and motivated candidates. This leads to an impressive company-wide CV send to interview ratio of less than 2:1.

A Proven Ability to Recruit Complex Positions

We excel in delivering where others have failed (how we usually win over a new account) particularly within specific niches that do not lend themselves well to traditional contingency recruitment methods.

Attention to Detail

Both in qualification of candidates and clients and the initial sourcing of candidates. We always follow each and every lead through to its exhaustion.

Planning and Process

We spend a lot of time planning and preparing our searches in order to achieve the right results.

Speed AND Quality of Service

We can apply our search methodology within contingency time-scales. We are happy to go the extra mile. We always aim to find THE BEST candidate, not just one that fits the brief.

Depth of Knowledge

We have a lot of experience in working several different markets and technologies. We also embrace the chance to be involved with new technology, markets, localities and cultures.

Client Commitment

Our customers understand the amount of time and effort we put in to our work. We encourage them to commit to agreed timescales for feedback and interviews, to give everyone a deadline to work to.

Managing and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Our ability coupled with our tenacity and drive enables us to exceed expectations and remain resilient to external influences. We also maintain a 360 feedback mechanism to monitor the quality and value of our service.

Creative and Flexible Resource Solutions

Our methodologies are flexible enough to be applied to any client requirement and we are willing to develop bespoke packages to provide the right recruitment solution at the right price.

Repeat Business

Personal recommendations and repeat business proves Paradigm’s effectiveness. 95% of our business comes from referrals and repeat business.

Demonstrated Record of Success

Because we exceed our customers’ expectations, we have a host of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Senior Level Contacts

This allows us to be one step ahead of our competition by having direct access to high level information.

Dedicated and Focused Account Teams

Dedicated, specialist, client-focused Consultant and Researcher teams who are in constant contact with people in the industry, providing fast and easy access to up-to-date market intelligence. Along with recruitment matters, we can also give additional information about new markets and competitors. We leverage our knowledge and experience of markets to help increase revenues in new or emerging markets for our customers by hiring the right people. The team structure allows us to provide a continuous and consistent quality of service on the occasions when one person is unavailable